What is Body Re-calibration ?


It is important to restore our bodies each and every day from the wear and tear we put them through, consider this analogy just like we recharge our devices we need to do the same with our bodies, Body Re-calibration is a unique toolkit that teaches the body how to release all the excess energy we store in our body so that we can get the most from our day.

Why do we need to learn how to Re calibrate our bodies?

Essentially our bodies should organically discharge all the excess energy we build up in our cells through the daily stress that we live in whether that is positive or negative stress, however as we  are advanced emotional beings we have become the masters at suppressing the warning signals our body gives us and as a result of ignoring the warning signs we then experience the side effects of a overwhelmed nervous system and a body that feels constantly stressed and wired. It is no mystery why we may feel a certain way good ,bad or indifferent the body knows what we need to support it, it is up to us to do something about helping our body perform at its best.

What does a Body Re-Calibration toolkit look like? a combination of the following

E-motion Yoga

Body Mechanic Health Coaching

Nutrition Coaching

Reiki Energy Healing

Body Work Massage

Forensic Body readings

ERT = Energy Release Techniques

Breakthrough Transformation Coaching

We all need re-calibration work in order to maintain and regulate our body to perform at its best and unfortunately there is no immunity towards our body feeling the wear and tear of our daily grind, 

Who will benefit from Body Re-Calibration?  


People wanting to lose weight

Men and Women wanting to improve their overall health

People with anxiety and depression

People with injury and daily pain

Teenagers needing more calm in their life



Body Re calibration is offered ONLINE and locally on the Gold Coast,

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