What is Reiki Energy ?


Energy healing is found in all ancient cultures throughout the world. It is a non-invasive gentle, holistic therapy that encompasses the whole body, mind, and spirit. Energy healing taps into the universal life force energy that flows through every living thing in the universe which is known as Prana (India), Chi (China) and Mana (Polynesia). an Ki (Japan).

Energy Healing is a gentle, non-invasive technique whereby the practitioner uses his/her hands to clear, energise and balance

the human and environmental energy fields thus promoting physical, emotional, mental and spiritual health and healing.

It complements conventional health care and is also used in collaboration with many other approaches to health and healing. 

The healing energy provides fast, natural and effective relief from an extensive list of ailments including stress, depression, muscle tension, adrenal glands, physical pain (especially back and neck pain), emotional trauma, insomnia and illness.


Reiki can assist your body to heal?

  • Tiredness, or trouble sleeping

  • Pain and injury in the body

  • Feeling blocked, stuck or procrastination

  • Feeling low or depressed in life and have lost the zeal to live

  • Overwhelmed by stress, fears or other emotions

  • Suffering from illness on a regular basis

Forensic Body readings and healings what are they?

Forensic bodies readings and healing's are unique to each practioner they may combine a few modalities such as  REIKI, Kinesiology,body work massage and intuitive intelligence to tap into universal energy which helps the client gain knowledge and understanding about their bodies healing potential along with shifting any negative belief patterns by diving deep into the cells of their anatomy.

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