We are Body Mechanic Health Coaches with 16 years health and healing experience we live and breathe pioneering ways to ensure you are living your best body. 


We specialise in helping with, Healthy body transformations , Pain and Injuries in the body, Men and Women's Health, Weight -loss, Mindset Coaching and other forms of Dysfunction in the body.

Why do we specialise in Body Re calibration ?

We understand how much our busy lives can cause disruption to the body so we wanted to formulate a  unique healing system that allows you to have full control of how healthy your body feels even on the good  days.

How do we help you reset and re-calibrate your body?

Body Mechanic Health Coaching

Personal Training

E-motion Yoga

Nutrition and Breakthrough Coaching

Energy Release Techniques.

The Energy Bar offers all of its services online and locally on the Gold Coast Australia




I had a frozen shoulder for 3 years due to a dancing injury, in just one Restorative Fitness session which included E-motion Yoga my frozen shoulder was gone I could not believe that I finally had movement. What Liz did in one session was simply amazing and mind blowing as I had tried Physios with little to no relief ....Liz teaches you how to calm your body through a guided visual meditation and then teaches you how to apply it to your everyday life. I had so much trapped emotion in my body that I had supressed once we released the emotion my body just let go of any heaviness and pain. One word to describe Liz absolutely phenomenal at what she does it is very different and unique but it works... You will not regret giving Liz a go.

Nish R



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Liz Avis 0402 310 850 info.theenergybar@gmail.com

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