Love is in air, can you smell all the pheromones....

Here at Fit4Love we do things a little bit differently to help you get matched with your forever human, we host events, workshops, online courses, and 1 on 1 match making to support your preferred choice of connection. 


To help us, help you, we have an online application process that helps you get one step closer to your match, it is important to know that each application is kept privately in our lovers vault, where we go through it daily to help connect you with your potential love matches. This process is in place as we are building a singles community platform, were we can match profiles based on similar energy and values, the bigger the community the better chance in meeting your match.


To begin matching, fill in either the manual printable form or the google form, they are both the same form only one is electronic and the other is manual, we have both options available as some people like to go old school and others prefer to get their digital on and of course you have the option If you prefer to go straight into a connection call to chat further on how we can help you get Fit4Love numero uno style.

Liz & Jess xo

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