Understanding how your genes express based on your epigenetics is the difference between were you are right now in the success of your health goals to where you can truly go, there is no guess work when it comes to personalised health just science.

Let me show you how...

Healthy Food


What if I said that I can help you take your health to the next level, no more dieting, just eating and exercising specifically for your personalised genetics and body health type..?


Our bodies are extremely intelligent there is no denying this, but imagine just how much further you can go when you know what time of day to eat and exercise, how you are driven by your hormones, how you socialise, when the you are most productive in your work day to knowing exactly what disease you are most prone to genetically...?

How valuable would knowing just how to get the most from your mind and body be for you...?

With 15 layers of science we have all of your health needs covered as our highly sophisticated health profiling ensures that wherever you are at in your wellness journey that it changes when you do, which means that if you lose weight just as an example that it adapts and changes with you....


We call this epigentics =  the study of how your behaviours and environment can cause changes that affect the way your genes work.

When you work with me I will take you on a very personalised journey where you can explore why you are the body type you are, why diets may not have worked in the past and how we can transform your health long term without restriction...


My Journey

I wish I knew what I know now 20 years ago about how unique each body truly is, as a Wellness Coach the success of your clients is why I wake each day, but yet I would become frustrated when some of my clients would get really phenomenal results and others were so far off the mark no matter the approach we took.

It was not until my very own health journey led me to the discovery of how personalised health really is, you see despite all of my qualifications and personal experiences I felt like something was still not right in my body, I mean you go to the doctors and pass all the blood tests, but that inner knowing just can not be denied.

You see I had an inkling that all of the diseases and health challenges that I have been faced with in my lifetime was genetic or related to my environment and sure enough once I learnt all about epigenetic health my suspicions were confirmed.

It was no coincidence that this science matched the how and the why I was predisposed to all the health challenges that I was diagnosed with I was blown away by the precision of the health profiling it was spot on for all the that I had experienced along with how accurate it was with my personality, yes every element of health is considered when understanding your genetic healthtype. 

Now that I have access to the most sophisticated wellness platform there is no guess work with how I nurture my mind, body and soul.

I know exactly what foods, I should and should not eat, what time it is best for me to wake and go to sleep, what time of day I should exercise to what time of day my body best absorbs antioxidants to what hormone I am governed by and why I act the way that I do....

Crazy right, I now understand me and can prevent so many diseases simply by understanding my epigenetic healthtype and as a direct result of following my epigenetic guidelines my relationships and connections with others have improved, my energy levels are through the roof, I lost the estrogen dominant weight I was carrying, my health has never been better....

This is possible for you also, do not fall victim to another fad diet, I have seen so many people including myself try diets that end up causing more harm then good.

If you would like to find out how I can help you amplify your health then please reach out and connect with me.

“Every human being is the author

of there health and disease ”


Poke Bowl


Curious on how you can dive deeper into finding out your Personalised Healthtype....? 

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