The Energy Bar

The Vision and Mission

The Energy Bar's vision is to create long lasting impact and revolutionise human potential through an array of health and wellness tools.

At The Energy Bar we believe that every person should have access to the tools they need to have an abundantly healthy life, "When you are healthy you are wealthy".

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What we do at The Energy Bar?

We partner with you on your health journey, together we dive into your health matrix to design and create a wellness plan that impacts and transforms your life using our unique RESET mind an body toolkit


Our bodies are extremely intelligent there is no denying this, but imagine just how much further you can go when you know how to nurture and care for it, you are the key to unlocking your human potential, are you ready to see what is behind that door?.


About Me

Hi my Name is Liz.

I am a Mum, Personal Trainer of 20 years, Reiki Master Practitioner, E-motion Yoga Teacher, Health Coach, Forensic healer, Psychic Medium, Medical Medium and Intuitive Mentor.


I can safely say your journey with The Energy Bar will be like no other and that is not because I am biased, but rather because I genuinely care and am passionate about making a difference to the lives of many.. 

You see I am no different to you, I have health goals and believe that my health is my biggest investment and trust me this has not always been easy for me to achieve despite my wellness background, in 2014 I learnt the hard way what the true value of health was, when I was diagnosed with a rare disease that left me in a bedridden state.

I am so grateful that the past is now behind me as I now have the ability to serve on a much bigger scale due to my health challenges, I am living proof that you can heal your body.

If you are ready to go up levels in your health and be on your way to "Living Your Best Life" or perhaps you are wanting support to help grow your spiritual gifts then please book in a connection call with me for a chat.

"The power that made the body, heals the body

It happens no other way".

B J Palmer

Beach Yoga

E-Motion Yoga

E-motion Yoga is a revolutionary synthesis of Yoga, Qigong, Kriya-Yoga (dynamic breath-work), Tantra (Neurogenic Tremoring - Organic body shaking) & Dance to release trapped and blocked emotions from our past that store in the electrical systems of our body causing physical and emotional health conditions thus preventing us from feeling our deepest form of love.

Have you ever held a yoga pose for some time and began to shake? This is not a sign of weakness or a time to change the pose... This is the beginning of something special, this is when the nervous system begins healing itself.


Usually our mind tries to stop this shaking process and tighten the core etc. But when we guide it in an organic way and let it do what it wants to do, something amazing begins to happen.


Some call it kundalini, a shaman may call it spirits leaving the body, but science is now proving the therapeutic process of neurogenic tremoring in healing the mind of trauma.

E-motion Yoga does not claim to fix problems rather it aims to support your body to do the organic healing which is what it was designed to do once we allow it.


Your body is a super-computer with an organic inbuilt anti-virus for cleaning itself but we have forgotten this process.


Because the organic mechanism that heals emotional trauma has been suppressed for so long in our society that our bodies are not doing what it is designed to do, which in my opinion is to heal the mind.


You do not need to have emotional trauma to get great benefits from E-motion Yoga because it also helps to release chronic stress which in itself is a form of repressed emotions.


Chronic stress is now acknowledged by modern medicine to be a major cause of many diseases so it makes common sense that we develop organic ways of discharging this safely and effectively using methods that are natural for the body and mind.​



Specifically designed exercise programs that delivers results


  Online coaching to help you stay accountable and on track.


Psychic channelling to help connect the dots in your life


Will take you on an incredible journey of self discovery


Will upgrade your body to it's higheset peak performance.


Chakra balancing and intuitive body readings


You will learn how to succeed with nutrition for your body type


Break-through coaching to compliment your body goals. 


A tribe of conscious humans doing super human things


We host an array of different health and wellbeing workshops, retreats and mentoring programs, please click the link below to see all of our upcoming events and workshops.



The guidance I have received from Liz has come completely out of the blue, so unexpected but incredibly at the most critical time for me.


I’ve been guided with such genuine concern, care and love I feel so divinely supported.


Everything and I mean everything that we have spoken about and things that have come up and been presented to us during our conversations have come to fruition in the most direct way, I’m just mind blown.


It’s like nothing I have ever experienced. My soul has been exposed to another level. This is just the beginning. Thank you Liz

J Petrie