Time is TBD | How To Heal & Transform your Mind & Body..

How To Heal & Transform your Mind & Body in 5 days

When you take The Pledge it will take you from where you are now to where you would like to go...
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How To Heal & Transform your Mind & Body in 5 days

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Time is TBD
How To Heal & Transform your Mind & Body..

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Busy life, doing things for everyone else but yourself.

Yep guilty...

Are you that person that is so good at filling everyone else's cup up first and leave nothing for yourself?

I am an elite athlete at this...

Do you struggle to keep your healthy body promises because life gets in the way and you are far to distracted to commit to your bodies needs.

Guilty again..

Have you ever burnt the candle at both ends and got so burnt out that getting out of bed was like mission impossible.

oh I am so very guilty of this one...

Have you ever thought to yourself, there must be more to life, I know was born for more, and I am going to do whatever it takes to make that happen, only to then be paralysed by the fear of how to take those next steps..?

Oh boy yes..

Hold up, hold up, its not all doom and gloom here. This is not were our story ends in fact this is just the beginning.

There is a cure for all of this, I call it " The Pledge", when you Join this online workshop, you will soon see how quickly you can turn your life around when you decide to take "The Pledge".

In this Online Live workshop you will learn how to begin to take those next pivotal life steps towards healing your spiritual, physical and emotional body. Instead of being the prisioner to your problems and sabotaging thoughts you will be the warrior of your thoughts and body.

In the workshop I will be teaching you some of my incredible and powerful healing methods that you can use each and everyday to help reset and re-charge your body.

There wil also be a live Reiki Healing and an opportunity to tap into my Psychic gifts and ask any life guidance questions that you may have...

Here is a little back story on what happens when we take "The Pledge"

5 Years ago, I was in a bedridden state for over a year looking for ways on how to heal my body, I  really was not joking when I said about mission impossible .

I was a mum to a then 4 year old son left with a rare disease that affected my stomach and how well I absorbed the food that I ate, there was no cure for me only ways on how to manage it through diet, which often made it worse.

To the doctors I was a medical anomaly and when they told me there was no cure, my instant reaction was hell no, do you not know who I am & what I am capable of doing, there was no way I was signing up for the doctors life sentence, this will not be the life I will be living, I will find a way..

In that moment I made a promise, a pledge to educate myself on all the different and holistic ways to heal the body, so I could be the mother that my son deserved and needed, along with creating a legacy for others to live their best life outside of their personal circumstances. My mission was much bigger than what was going on in my body and I just knew that I would find a way to heal and help others do the same.  So I set out on my mission, and here we are today...Living my best life.

Hi my name is Liz Avis, I am obsessed with helping people live their best life through wellness and healthy living. I am a Personal Trainer of 18 Years, Master Reiki Practitioner, E-Motion Yoga Teacher, Psychic and Medical medium and Life Activation Coach..

This Course is for you if you suffer or experience :

> Digestive complaints

> Arthritis

> Muscle and Skeletal inflammation

> Joint Injury

> Auto Immune Disease

> Anxiety

> Depression

> Hormonal Imbalance

> Relationship troubles

> Just feeling stuck

> Exploring ways to improve your life and health  or ,You just love life and enjoy learning new ways on how to make it even better...

Before we continue I have a quick question for you..?

What would it mean if you could overcome these things and to start living your best life today ? How valuable would that be to you right now..?

When I made the decision to improve my health with an advanced holistic healing program I was faced with a choice of invest $4,000 into this program and change my life or keep going the way I was, which was a life were I would eventually end up a prisoner to my disease and my son having a mum unable to create magical moments with him.

The choice was a no brainer, you see there is a bigger cost if we live in fear or attach ourselves to our stories, and if we choose either of those, the health debt only get's bigger and this then begins to affect the other areas of our lives, not just our health..

What I have learnt from rebuilding my health....

Health is not linear, there is no magic pill and we can heal ourselves wherever we are at in our lives if you are ready to let go of your old story and give it the funeral it deserves....  Letting go of my old story and sticking to my pledge allowed me to create and pioneer a unique wellness program called Body Re-calibration.

What the benefits feel like when you take "The Pledge"

> So much energy you will be bouncing off the walls

> Clarity, confidence and courage to serve you and others

> A huge shift in your body, even potentially be free of pain.

> A body that feels like an elite athlete

> Improved relationships

> More productivity in your career

> Unstoppable winning attitude

> A magnet for abundance, who knows you may even attract the love of your life, if you are single...

If you are ready to fill your cup and prove to yourself that you are bigger than your fears just as I did, then together we can take the heavy lifting out of where you are right now and accelerate you to where you would like to go...  Are you ready to say YES to life and freaking amazing health...

In the course you will learn all about the 8 pillars of wellness success and how to design your best life with the ultimate health and healing toolkit.

I can not wait to share with you all the tools that have led to the success of my very own healing journey....

See you in the workshop.

With Love and Blessings Liz xoz xo


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